MEET Kaylee Richart

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When I started real estate

$1.4+ Mill

2020 Closed Volume

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while working in real estate industry?

I’ve seen some crazy floor plans in older homes that just don’t make any sense.

Who is your favorite musician and why?

My favorite musician is Justin Timberlake. His songs are great and I like his music style.

What motivates you?

My family and my clients are my motivation.

What charity are you now, or would you like to be involved in?

Every year I donate to Convoy of Hope. I would like to be involved in a charity that is close to home and would help the community.

Where would you go if you won a one-way ticket to anywhere?

I would go to Santorini, Greece! I’ve never been, it’s beautiful and I’ve always wanted to visit.

Explain your perfect meal.

Hibachi chicken teriyaki fried rice and vegetables. I absolutely love it.