MEET Jessica Beste

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When I started real estate

$1+ Mill

2021 Volume Goal

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while working in real estate industry?
I recently showed a home with a functioning radiator. I had never seen that before!
Who is your favorite musician and why?
My husband would say Ed Sheeran and he isn’t wrong, I do love his music, but mostly I’m putting him because it’s impossible for me to pick A FAVORITE.
What motivates you?
“Deadlines” – I like to know when, where, what the end goal is, and I like to think I work well under pressure.
What charity are you now, or would you like to be involved in?
It’s a dream of mine to rescue dogs, like have a large house/dog farm and rescue all the unwanted dogs at shelters. I’ve even thought of a “Hospice House” for dogs, to make sure they know love before crossing the rainbow bridge. I’ve donated to various dog rescues/organizations but not nearly enough to be recognizable.
Where would you go if you won a one-way ticket to anywhere?
Any beach, really.
Explain your perfect meal.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant – just Waffle House, on a Sunday, after church, with my family, is perfect to me.