MEET Jen Oliver

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When I started real estate

$2.5 Mill

2020 Closed Volume

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while working in real estate industry?
Walking in the house while someone was showering.  Thank goodness we heard the water running before we entered the bedroom…
Who is your favorite musician and why?
At the risk of sounding pompous: Mysself. I have a degree in music.
What motivates you?
My family.  Pride in doing a good job.  My competitive nature
What charity are you now, or would you like to be involved in?
I would like to find a way to give to every single one of them.  Since that’s not possible, I take suggestions from close friends and family members about what is important to them.
Where would you go if you won a one-way ticket to anywhere?
Home.  That’s where my family is–that’s where I want to be.  
Explain your perfect meal.
One I don’t have to cook.